Becca's Petites

As the baby of five, I was my mum's petite bouchée or “little bite.” She taught me that everything tastes better with a pincée d'amour - pinch of love.

Today, as a board certified holistic nutrition practitioner, I can tell you it's truly what you bite that counts! So, when a good friend was diagnosed with cancer, I set out to make him a nutrient-rich snack from clean, all-natural ingredients, infused with a pincée d'amour, of course.

The word bouchées (pronounced /bu-shays/ ) means bites or mouthfuls in French. Our BOUCHÉES are the result of months of love, research, and a good amount of trial and error. So, when Kevin could really taste and enjoy them, we knew we were onto something! Kevin's legacy lives on through his son, little KK, and that's why our proceeds lovingly and respectfully go to his education fund.

With four plant-based and paleo-friendly distinctive flavors from which to choose, BOUCHÉES are kind to your body without sacrificing quality or flavor. Each one is GRAIN-free, GLUTEN-free, DAIRY-free, NON-GMO & Vegan. You can enjoy BOUCHÉES as a breakfast cereal, a healthy snack or topping for soups, salads, sundaes and more.

Because we believe that nutrition and taste - enhanced by a "pincée d'amour" - can and should always go together.

Avec Amour & Stay Nutty!

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