NEOH Protein Bars

NEOH was not invented as another boring line extension by a big multinational sugar (aka candybar) corporation, but by a creative entrepreneur, Manuel, in Vienna, Austria.

Manuel grew up playing soccer, and after a game he always felt the craving for something sweet and satisfying. The problem was, all of his options came with a lot of unnecessary calories and sugar. The only alternative were protein bars, but they tasted like cardboard! Manuel felt that there had to be a better option.

“Why isn’t there a protein bar that tastes good?“
Manuel took matters in his own hands, studied nutrition and food processing, and started experimenting in his own kitchen. His goal was to find the perfect recipe for a bar with an amazing taste and the best nutritional benefits possible. For over three years he experimented with different ingredients from all over the world, using different techniques and processes to come up with the perfect bar. Fast-forward to today, and we now have a patented recipe and process that combines high protein, low sugar, and a unique and amazing taste all in one bar!

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