Sarge's Delicatessen & Diner

This iconic New York Jewish deli has been the promised land of pastrami since Abe “Sarge” Katz, a retired NYPD cop, opened its doors in 1964. Step inside and you get a true New York deli experience—complete with signed celebrity photos hanging on the walls, Tiffany lamps and the scent of smoky pastrami wafting past the classic diner booths. Sarge’s famous pastrami comes from an old family recipe and is cured in house—one of the last NY delis to do so. The city that never sleeps needs a deli that never sleeps either. And that place is Sarge’s—open 24/7 since the very first day.

You can sleep when you’re dead. Or, god forbid, out of pastrami.

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