As entrepreneurs and health enthusiasts, we’d always talked about doing something in the health tech space. It wasn’t until we began to explore opportunities that we realized how big the obesity and diabetes epidemics actually were. Without the right diet, we realized, no amount of tech would change that. Without better education, people would still believe the myth of a low fat high carb diet. So we turned our love of healthy fats into SuperFat, a convenient way to get the right balance of nut fats and functional ingredients, moderate protein, and low net carbs on the go. Something that actually tasted great, was nutritionally balanced and provided a boost of on-demand fuel wherever we went.

The sugar industry lied to us all

For over half a century we were made to believe that fat was absolutely terrifying. Without any substantial evidence, we, as a society, suddenly became scared that fat would stick to our arteries like gunk in old pipes and cause strokes, diabetes, heart attacks, and every other bad thing in the world. To protect us against the horrible monster they called FAT, nutrition authorities around the world recommended that we cut dietary fat out of our diets as much as possible. We listened and followed, only to find not all fats are bad. In fact, many are good, beneficial and healthy!

Years later, there’s still no scientific evidence linking dietary fat to cardiovascular health. So, how did the baseless endorsement to cut fat persevere for decades without one iota of evidence? Why do so many of us continue to avoid saturated fat despite the fact that even the FDA no longer tells us to do so?

In the 1960s the sugar industry paid scientists to play down the link between heart disease and sugar by promoting saturated fat as the culprit. The demonization of saturated fat derives from a misunderstanding of processed foods containing sugar, chemicals and saturated fat; it isn’t the fat itself, it’s the packaged foods filled with sugar and low quality ingredients which are optimized for taste and addiction and not health and performance.

Junk food is just that, junk.

There’s no “food” in processed foods. It seems simple and obvious to suggest that we should eat unprocessed, natural food, but division between processed food containing saturated fat and pure saturated fat still remains unclear.

When you add SuperFat to your diet you’re getting functional ingredients that help give you a boost when you need it. From the board room to the locker room, SuperFat is the ultimate fuel.

SuperFat is different

We believe in dispelling myths and optimizing nutrition based on science and results. Whether your diet is keto, paleo, vegan, plant based, vegetarian, or a combination of them all, there’s no denying that everyone needs fat in their diet.

As an all-natural product SuperFat is free of sugar or artificial sweeteners and refined or processed carbohydrates. Unlike so many other nut butters out there which are loaded with filler, sugar or low quality, cheap nuts, or totally oily and horrible to consume, we offer quality fats, convenient packaging and amazing flavors combined with functional ingredients.

Our F.A.T.S. core values:

Figure It Out. Acting entrepreneurially is at our core. We take initiative and simply get it done.
Amazing Experience, Always. Everything we do is always on brand. Every detail matters as experience is everything.
Try Anything. We’re always experimenting, learning, and building a data driven culture.
Scrappy, But Smart. We act as conductors, bringing together the best resources to create incredible results.

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