Aroma Bean 1 Kg Bag

Only the finest qualities of Arabica and Robusta (natural and washed), carefully chosen in the most suitable regions and land, taking into account the ideal habitat and appropriate altitudes, make up our unique 'symphony' of flavors. Extremely cherished 'tools' that can flood the palate with pleasant notes and inebriating sensations.

The direct relationship with selected manufacturers and exporters and the regular visits in the major producing countries, to check the quality standard of the annual production and the preparation / selection of raw coffee, allow us to achieve always steady quality levels, ‘tailored’ for Portioli’s customers.

This Aroma coffee is a blend of incomparable "Balance" of sweetness, aroma and body. Composed of 50% Arabica and 50% Robusta.

Minimum Order: 4 bags or $100.