Prime GIN-ister Burgers - 10 lbs.

Booze Dogs is a brand that not only produces “Man’s Best Meat” but also cares for man’s best friend. These 1/3 Lb (5.3oz) burgers are smoky, juicy and each have their own personalities. This will be the talking point at any party or cook off you hold! These are small batch, beef & pork burgers marinated in real booze. A portion of sales go to supporting canine rescues.
10 lbs Booze-Infused Burgers
30x53 oz Prime Gin-ister Burgers – With its earthy base of juniper and notes of lemon zest, this burger invites you on a refreshing tour of the English countryside.

Ingredients: Prime Gin-ister: Beef, Pork, Gin, Salt, Raw Cane Sugar, Spices, Juniper Berries.

*Burgers are not cooked and are shipped frozen with dry ice
*Upon arrival, remove burgers from packaging and place in the refrigerator or freezer
*Keep refrigerated or frozen until ready to cook thoroughly

Arrives in 10 vacuum sealed 1lb packages. No synthetic flavoring. Able to be enjoyed by foodies of all ages.